Holly & BeauHow it works

How it works.
It's magic!

Introducing magical colour changing technology, by Holly & Beau. Technically superior rainwear designed to give every child a magical experience each time it rains.

We’ve created products that revolutionize your relationship with nature. Merging the most technical fabrics with our colour changing technology and cutting edge design.

Raincoat with raindrops

Children's clothing that changes colour in the rain!

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Our magical colour changing collection is a result of many years of research and development. Our products burst into a variety of vibrant colours when they come into contact with water, returning back to the original colour once dry. The collection encourages children to play outdoors, creating a magical fun experience during any rainy day.

Unlike the majority of mass produced clothing, our items are made by hand, from the fabric printing, preparation and production through to the make up of the finished garments. This unique method of production enables us to produce the colour changing technology to the highest standard. We’ve adopted a strict quality control procedure where the production and assembly process is inspected several time before packaging.

All products have been tested to meet strict global trading standards, ensuring that there are no harmful chemicals or metals.

Key technology points

  • Bright vivid colours
  • Changes colour quickly, returning back to the original colour once dry
  • The colour changing process is repeated every time it comes into contact with water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No harmful chemicals or metals
  • Durable
  • Washable
  • PVC free
  • UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 30+
  • Tested to consumer trading standards
  • Meets REACH regulations
  • No Azo dyes
  • No Phthalates