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Magical Rainwear!

Our aim was to make rainy days more fun and colourful. So, we created the first magical color changing rainwear for kids, aged 2 to 8. After many years of research and development we created our own ‘Magic Color’ technology. When water splashes on to the fabric the white designs burst into an array of colors, returning back to the original white once dry. It really is magic!

Fun yet functional

We understand the importance of outdoor play for children. Our color changing rainwear encourages children to go outside and play, they can't wait to see what color their rainwear changes to. As well as fun, our rainwear is also functional. Made from 100% waterproof fabric, our rainwear is guaranteed to keep them dry during any downpour. Our pack-away raincoats can also be neatly folded away into their own bag attached to the back of the coat, perfect for those unexpected rainy days.

Brother and sister, Jack and Fleur

Holly and Beau was founded by brother and sister, Jack and Fleur. As Brits, they are well and truly used to the rain and understand that they can really 'dampen' your day. So they made it their mission to brighten up rainy days, putting some fun and excitement into welly wearing weather.

A magical experience guaranteed

Holly and Beau is a magical children’s rainwear brand. Our clothing items dramatically change color when they come into contact with water, returning back to the original color once dry. Created using our uniquely developed technology, our raincoats aged 2 – 8 years encourage children to play outdoors, creating a magical fun experience during any rainy day.