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Returns Policy

You have 30 days from receipt of purchase to notify us that you wish to cancel and return any products. We will give you a refund or replace any purchase within the 30 day period.
You must notify us in writing that you wish to cancel an order or to exchange a purchase. We encourage you to mention why you wish to cancel or exchange an item so we can help to improve our products. Your statutory rights are not affected.
Please note that this may not be available on our mobile website. You should refer to our full website for the terms and conditions.
We recommend you return all products in their original packaging and use a ‘signed for’ delivery methods and obtain proof of postage before returning to us.

Exemptions and exceptions

Personalised gifts or products that have been made to your specific specifications. Therefore these are your personalised requirements and cannot be resold.

Questions regarding our returns policy

This summarises the main terms of our returns policy.

To discuss a return directly with us please contact;
info@hollyandbeau.com or +441603 673 692

Holly & Beau Limited

The Union Building

51 – 59 Rose Lane


Norfolk, UK


A magical experience guaranteed

Holly and Beau is a magical children’s rainwear brand. Our clothing items dramatically change color when they come into contact with water, returning back to the original color once dry. Created using our uniquely developed technology, our raincoats aged 2 – 8 years encourage children to play outdoors, creating a magical fun experience during any rainy day.